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How to Extend the Life and Value of Filters Through Parts for Aquarium Filters

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Aquarium filters keep tank conditions clean, but at some point, parts for aquarium filters will need replacing.

When choosing a new aquarium filter, take time to determine if the manufacturer also has replacement parts for that model. Top of the line filters can run in the hundreds of dollars, so replacing the part rather than the entire filter will extend the life and value of the filter you have invested in.

Besides filter media, which must be changed regularly as part of routine tank maintenance, here are two parts that may need replacing, due to the normal wear and tear of running 24/7:

The Impeller & Shaft. These motor-operated parts create the suction that draws tank water through the filter.

The Bracket and or Suction Cups. These connect the filter inlet and outlet to the side of the tank.

Filters ensure the health of the plants and animals inhabiting the tank. Availability of parts for aquarium filters is something to bear in mind for a tank’s smooth, continuous operation.
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Parts for aquarium filters should be part of any decision-making process when it comes to deciding on aquarium filters. Here’s why:
Aquarium filters run the gamut of price, from high-end models to more budget-friendly options. Price doesn’t necessarily reflect quality, but consider the fact that a filter runs continuously 24/7, doing its job of keeping the tank water clean. At some point, a part may need replacement due to such extensive use.
Before choosing an aquarium filter, check the retailer’s inventory of parts for that specific filter, such as:

Impellers - these draw tank water through the filter and, after a while, can become gritty with dirt, resulting in friction and noise.
Brackets and/or Suction Cups - these connect the filter mechanism to the wall of the aquarium. After time, suction cups can lose their adhesion.
Gaskets - these typically help properly seal parts from moisture and prevent leaks, but they can eventually lose their effectiveness.
Filter Media or Cartridge - these are the materials that provide chemical, mechanical or biological filtration and must be replaced regularly as part of routine aquarium filter maintenance.
Parts tend to be specific to each manufacturer, so make sure to match both make and model when investigating parts for aquarium filters.